Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Art Board 
The Art board was created so our guest every week could see the work they created the week before. This shows our guest we not only keep the work they but be are proud of it.  Thursday projects become weekly works of art for the entire broad street ministry to see. 
The art board is not only to grow pride and confidence in our participants but it is to also inspire others who have not yet took part to do so.  The Art board has inspired many people to come to the table. “ I saw what everybody did on the wall (art board) and I thought id give it a try” a woman said to me.  She sat at the table and produced a great work and was featured on the next weeks Art board.
The art board is the beginning to the art ramp up BSM plans to undergo.  First the Art Board,  BSM Instagram, Installation, and then First BSM Guest Art Show.

Tito F. Williams II
Planning  this new installation, “walk in my Shoes”, there is a great deal of research that must be put into the project. We first create a budget by researching the cost of materials needed to create the shoes, the cost of permits, zoning, and installation also must be included into the budget.  I have done some preliminary budgeting with materials and spoken to a few contacts about who to speak to and the steps it takes to get the permits need for a public art installation such as ours.  I learned the art commission was the proper organization the handles all public art in Philadelphia.  It was suggested before speaking to the to the Art Commission put together are first looking for grants that could fund the project.  

Tito F. Williams II
Developing Social Media

Because we are putting off holding an Art show in the near future, I have thought of creating an Instagram to document what we do at the Art table. This way we can connect and show off some of the work produced at Broad street ministry by our guest in a fast, easy, and cost effective ay until the time is right to open the official art show.  Through this Instagram we can build excitement for the work produced from the Art table. This will hopefully attract volunteers and donors to come to the table and take part in its physical growth as well.  As more people know about the table, come to volunteer, and donors contribute the table can physically grow giving guest more space and better materials. 

A Dream of mine would be the BSM Instagram would begin to trend online. Our guests work would become the focus of admiration. Guest could feel appreciated knowing they contribute to something people love and make others happy as well as themselves.

Tito F. Williams II
Changing Plans

We took several weeks in making a budget, researching materials, developing a design and timeline for completion.  Brenna can into our tuesday meeting extremely excited.  “ I have some news and you are either going to love me or hate me” she said to me.  She had an idea for a new art instillation. This installation would consist of our guest, staff, volunteers and supporters of Broad street ministry to create shoes. The shoes would be slightly larger then then the normal foot and decorated then preserved by dipping the shoe into a resin. Our goal is to create a minimum of 1,363 shoes and set in an area or areas of philadelphia where there is high foot traffic stretching a minimum of one mile. The Installation will be known as walk a mile in my shoes. I was extremely excited for the the new project. The prior installation as well as the art show would be set aside until the new installation is near completion.

Tito F. Williams II

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dayshaun | "Something Amazing!"

I posted previously about one of my favorite children at the Red Shield, Hannifah Brown and I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about a young boy with the brightest imagination I've ever encountered! Dayshaun! 

Dayshaun was seven years old when I met him and I worked with him closely on the "Amplified" art exhibition project! I was naturally drawn to him because he was the most engaged child drawing! I approached him and asked him what he was working on. With his hand still racing away, he looked up with huge bright eyes and simply said: "Something Amazing!" He then went on to ask me to hand him the glitter glue that was sitting on the table and told me to help him! In that time we talked about all that he wanted on the poster board he was working on. He went on to ask me what my name was, I told him. He asked me how to spell it. I told him. He then went to find another bright color and wrote my name on the poster and his name and numerous Spongebob Squarepants characters! He worked feverishly on his art work the entire hour we had and was so excited to say that he had completed his work! 

I can't explain how happy this made me! This adorable little boy was still so passionate about doing something so simple. Even though most of the children were more interested in playing the Wii that the organization provided in the game room, or joining the pre-teens who were on YouTube or Facebook. No Dayshaun was satisfied with just a few markers, crayons, and glitter and a blank slate! A chance to create "Something Amazing!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

planning an art show
This year 2014 Benna and I would like to start an annual art show at Broad Street Ministry. The art Show would consist mainly of work from our guest. Many of our guest create wonderful pieces using elements of composition and color theories with out formal knowledge of the concepts.  
We have began thinking of ways to get the best work from our guest. By getting new people to join the art table we not only get new regulars to the table but see many unexpected talents.  Many newcomers feel the are not up to the task, but they only need some reassurance. Though the table is not about creating ascetic art work , many of our guest are able to produce high level abstract art, amazing concepts and imagery in there work. 

In the Art show we would show case these works, drawing people into Broad Street. Through the art show we allow the people of Philadelphia to understand our guest on a deeper level through there art work. The Show would also allow others to understand broad street ministry more as well. I want the show to resemble the G40 summit in D.C. The G40 features work from a number of artist, work is hung from wall to wall in an renovated abandoned church. We would follow this these here at Broad Street to get people of philadelphia walking through every area not only viewing art but learning more about our services.