Thursday, April 24, 2014

More the Just Mail

Receiving mail is a luxury often taken for granted and even loathed by many.  For the everyday citizen we expect bills, Insurance Ads, bills,the occasional congratulatory card from relatives or the amazon delivery made last week, and bills.   However, when ones housing situation is precarious or non existent the concept of a mailing address is not an option. When a mailing address is not an option, jobs, benefits, and medication by default evaporate from the realm of possibility. 

The Mail Room at Broad Street Ministry Makes this a possibility.  By Allowing those who are in temporary housing programs, homeless, or moving often due to life circumstances too use Broad Street Ministry as an adress host for guest to use as their own.  

With this service we have broken down the door of impossibility for hundreds of people a day.  Guest appreciate the mail service as it can be the only stable thing for someone at the moment.  The service for for some become a ritualistic in this way, even when not expecting mail guest come, "I didn't think I had anything but I just like to drop in," I was told once as I checked a mans folder for his days mail. Some weeks later he would flag me down teaming with excitement, "Hey! you hand out the mail at broad street" he shouted out with a grin stretching across the corners of his face.  

To provide happiness simply by handing out mail is a true pleasure.