Friday, December 27, 2013

Volunteer Beginnings

Hello readers!

My name is Tito Williams, I am sophomore student at the University of the Arts.   Growing up in Wilmington Delaware, I came to the city of Brotherly love to pursue my Education in art and design while making a positive impact in my community.

After 3 months of living full time in the city, exploring, enjoying the food and festivals, I felt as though i needed to do more. I wanted to become more then a contributing student, instead I would also become apart of this community by serving those in need living within. I started my search for volunteer opportunities in center city. I spoke to my advisor and she sent me in the right direction.

In no time I was volunteering at Broad Street Ministry, where I serve the philadelphia homeless, temporary and full-time assisted housing community in a number of ways.  By Getting involved in their  mail distribution, art therapy, and meal programs, I feel the benefits of the small but needed impact in the philadelphia area.

Through this volunteer experience I am learning, "volunteering is not only a service to others but a service to myself as well."

Tito F. W II

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cody Freeman's First Entry

Hello! My name is Cody Freeman and I am a senior Musical Theater Major at UArts. I am from Muncie, Indiana and moved here 3 1/2 years ago to go to UArts. It was a big change from slow small town life to one the biggest East Coast cities, but UArts has been wonderful! I realized Freshman year that I was focused on school and working, but nothing else. I felt like it was time to start giving back. I read Angels in America in my Script Analysis class and it discussed the need for community and awareness, specifically with LGBTQ folk. 

Therefore, I started volunteering with ActionAIDS where I was partnered with a person with AIDS where I could act as their emotional and social support. Last year, through AmeriCorp and UArts, I began an internship at the William Way LGBTQ Center, right off Broad Street. That has taught me many skills including: volunteer recruitment and retainments, event planning, fundraising, communication skills, and most importantly how I as an individual can help many people. 

This summer I will move to New York City in order to begin my professional theater career. Because of these four years, and through the support of the Student Life office and AmeriCorp, I feel equipped to live in New York and continue my volunteerism in that community. I believe it is so important, especially as artists, to give back and be thankful. Nothing makes me happier than people uniting for a cause and having a sense of community and I am so happy I have had the opportunity to do that while being a full time student these past four years.