Sunday, January 4, 2015

Broad Street Ministry Update

Over the past few months I've take on a new position at broad street ministry working as an assistant to the art therapy table.  Here I assist in setting up supplies and planning future projects. All manner of beautiful and inspiring work comes from the therapeutic arts table. Over the summer I begin to think, the art created at the table is a form of therapy and expression for each artist sitting at the table. However, this art be therapy for the viewer as well.  More specifically, I began to look at the social divide with in Philadelphia between those experiencing wealth and those experiencing poverty. 

Many people tend to over look the homeless, shy away from the man asking for change, or divert our eyes from the woman with a cardboard sign siting at the street corner.  Even those on government assistance feel judgment or are pitted because of circumstances often out of there control.  If art is a way of expression, an art show featuring work from the very people who are misunderstood can help bring communities together. 

Currently I am in the process of creating a proposal to explain the goal of the show and it's set up.  I am spear heading this project at broad steer ministry, it's both exciting and scary.